João Fleming Torrinha

General Manager COPEFI Group

Welcome to the new year.

This month COPEFI makes 20 years!

It seems as if it was just yesterday that I took the decision to start a mid-long term project which I formalized on 19th January 2001.

In these past 2 decades, I have lived a very intense journey in building our company. While we had continuous challenges, I always keep in mind great memories with each one of you, at different places along the way. We shared these highs and lows. 

It is with this great spirit that the COPEFI GROUP  will keep moving forward, developing and being a global partner for our customers.

MML2 project to star in January

MML2 is about to start its serial production.

This project is a case of our synergies as a GROUP. Our customer is Antolin Besançon based in France. In Portugal we will make the 2K-Cover process, and iIn France we are going to 

produce the frame, and final assembly.

New equipment has arrived In Portugal and Mexico!

It’s like having a new born baby!  Everyone becomes happier and eager to work with this new brand machines. COPEFI GROUP welcomes these 2 new pieces of equipment in Portugal and Mexico.