15th October 2021

As a global IATF accredited injection moldings group, providing both shoot & ship and 2K parts as well as engineering services, COPEFI was delighted to participated in one of the first automotive summits to take place since COVID.

The USMCA Automotive Industry Summit was held is San António, Texas, on October 14-15 with over than 1,400 delegates showing up, representing more than 800 companies from around the world.

COPEFI was present with its own booth and comercial representatives.

USMCA is a high growth market for COPEFI, through organic development with new business, and also by expanding current client opportunities. Our competitive rates, excellent customer service and technical capability are all factors in maintaining customer satisfaction.

COPEFI MEXICO is based in Queretaro, a central hub within Mexico, and supplies T1 and T2 automotive plants in Mexico, the US and Canada. This is augmented by customer representatives based in the US to help provide rapid levels of service. The plant will continue to receive investments, develop in-house capability and capacity, as well as manage dedicated technical training for staff, so as to ensure we fulfill our aggressive ongoing strategy of growing our customer base in North America.