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Conviction & Values

CONVICTION and values

We are committed to the environment in the present and for the future!

Our values are fully in line with a Corporate Social Responsibility not only to internal employees and local communities, but also to the other members of the value chain.

Our firm commitment to quality, environmental protection and best practices within the industry  has given us worldwide credibility.

Our strong economic growth has generated consistent profitability as well as great availability for investments in innovation and production capacity, seeking a greener future for generations to come.

We work together in an open and transparent way to achieve long-term mutual benefits for both sides, COPEFI and its clients.

Our purpose

  • To supply our customers globally
  • To develop technology and processes to support the automotive industry
  • To be a trustworthy partner and excel in customer service
  • To create and maintain a workplace culture where employees feel they are making a significant contribution to the team and organization
  • To be a group that has values and sustains the environment
  • To fulfill our clients’ requirements

Our Values and principles

  • To work with integrity, loyalty and a responsibility to our customers
  • To be relentless in pursuing our total quality targets
  • To be determined to continually improve

Sharp Vision & Innovative Breakthroughs

Assure Ethical Governance & Strict Compliance

Respect to Customers & Employees

Class Worldwide Operational & Technology Procedures

Surpass Customer's Expectations

Keen to Quality & Environment Polices

Going Further in Sustainability & CSR

Strong Conviction & Values


Quality and environment policy